Add Charm to Your Garden with Gazebo

When we think of a serene haven to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, a gazebo comes to mind. Not only does a gazebo add an elegant touch to your garden, but it also provides a perfect spot for family and friends to relax and gather. A carefully designed gazebo can become the centerpiece of your garden. In essence, a gazebo is more than just a structural addition, it's a living piece of art that adds endless charm and functionality to your garden.

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The Most Trending Modern Outdoor Gazebo     

Your own luxury oasis in your backyard.
Transform your family's leisure life at better price.

Choose Your Gazebo

Your New Friends’ Entertainment Palace

Size:3M X 3.65M

The ultimate hub for all things fun and memorable! Say goodbye to dull weekends and hello to endless entertainment and joy with those you love the most.

BBQ Days With Your Friends

For Movie Nights

Gathering With Friends During The Holidays


Good Shelter For Your Garden

All-weather Aluminum Patio Sun-room Gazebo is a newly designed mult-functional building. You can enjoy it as a backyard studio, cafe, a room or use it to house a swim spa hot tub or any other recreational furniture.

Set Up a Spa, Hot Tub To Relax

Take a  meal with family

Temporary storage of tools as a tool room


Find Your Serenity in the Heart of Your Garden

In the heart of your garden, serenity awaits, offering a gentle reminder that sometimes, all you need is a moment amidst nature to find your balance again.

Protect from sun, rain and snow

Take a Morning Coffee

Enjoy peace of reading In the shade


Your Gazebo Where Nature Meets Elegance

Size:3M X 4.25M

Every beam, every pillar, and every curve of your gazebo is meticulously crafted, ensuring a seamless blend with its natural surroundings. 

Protecting plants from harsh weather

Sunny playground for kids

Place leisure furniture and get close to nature


A Shaded Shelter for Leisure Time

Size:3.65M X 4.85M

Double-top roof  protects the outdoor furniture  from harsh sunlight and raindrops, and provides  a safe and cool place for people to take a rest.

Protecting outdoor furniture

Staying cool 

Enjoying leisure time altough the sun is out

best outdoor gazebo

Perfect Companion for Outdoor Living

Fashioned and functional for your backyard or porch,  an additional  room in the outdoors, add value to your house.

Addtional room in the patio

Playground for fun

Addding house's value


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We emphasize durability and lifespan, offering products with sturdy aluminum frames and secure installation holes.

Customers' Shares


The gazebo as a great product - we absolutely love ours. But, even more importantly, the company has been great. We received a column that was bent, and they sent out a replacement immediately! Months later, after a screen was torn by one of our dogs, they made it really easy to buy a replacement. I'll definitely buy from them again! -- Stephanie Dubreuil


This gazebo is amazing. We put it together in 1 day. Make sure to place and organize all the pieces out prior to assembly. Have your tools handy. You can buy weights to hold the gazebo in place. I’m looking forward to purchasing lights and a fan! -- Daniel Gomes


It is a really nice and well made gazebo. Dont get in a hurry with the assembly. It took 2 of us a weekend to assemble. I recommend sorting out all the pieces before starting to put together. All in all very satisfied with this. It is well made and high quality.   -- Trevor Storey


We recently purchased a 3.6 X 5 gazebo and we are very happy with it. We installed it ourselves and it was pretty time consuming but it was worth it. We had a problem with a zipper missing but Purple Leaf sent it out promptly with a video on how to install it. -- Pierre Gaudet


If you’re thinking about a gazebo, this is the one to get. Very well made, and with two people , it’s not that difficult to assemble. I had an issue with one part, and the customer service was amazing in their quick response and follow up. -- Richard Baca


Purchased a 3 x 4 gazebo which we are very pleased with. It took two experienced installers 6 hours to assemble. A few screws were missing but Purple Leaf replaced immediately when notified.  I highly recommend this company and product to anyone interested in purchasing a gazebo. Quality is outstanding. -- Roberta Ryan


We purchased this gazebo to cover a portion of our deck and it has been fantastic. It was fairly easy to put together and took 2 of us about a day. It has been very stable, despite being in a windy area and we have had no issues with leaking. We would not hesitate to recommend this company. -- Nancy Noble


The gazebo has been great. It is sturdy and very attractive. We put up lights that change color with a remote and have enjoyed the ambience in the evening. I suggest tying back the curtains if there is any wind. Tied back, no problem. Wind can blow curtains onto furniture and into the pool. Other than that, which was solved by using our tiebacks, we have really enjoyed our new gazebo. -- Shannon Cusano

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